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Do Re Mi – Covid 19 version


The Sound of a Pandemic! Don’t worry, Maria and the Von Trapplings know how to deal with it! Lyrics below.
***New video – Part 2 in the series – is out now! Find out about Maria’s Favourite Things about Self-Isolation!…
A couple of quick points: – The song is not intended to be taken seriously – I made it to humour myself and am quite blown away at the following it’s got over such a short time. No, wine is not a cure for the virus. Neither is whinging or blobbing (real words.) No, they’re not good at social distancing in the video – it was released in 1965. –
Arguments about the origin of the virus and racist remarks will be deleted. Wherever Patient 0 got it from, the song refers to the fact that major spread first started in Wuhan, something which literature from all sides acknowledges. This does not give license for anyone to think negatively about the region or play blame games.
I will delete bigoted and racist comments about China or her people, America or her people, and anywhere in between.
Stay safe and in your bubbles – greetings from New Zealand.