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Watch Jamiroquai rework David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ into coronavirus anthem ‘Lockdown’


Taking to Instagram to share his version of the classic 80s dancefloor filler produced by Nile Rodgers, Jay Kay captioned his video post: “Only another 3 months to go…!”

Lockdown, put on your face mask and watch TV/ Lockdown, to the sound of the kids all screaming at me,” Jamiroquai sings, reworking the song’s original lyrics. “Lockdown, trying to avoid the COVID-19/ Lockdown, I’ve got a headache, a serious headache.
Hitting the bridge, he belts out: “And if you dry cough, I’ll run from you/ A fever so high with diarrhea/ You know this viral flu is trying to kill you too/ If you should run under a bus it is because you’re bored.#lockdown #davidbowie #letsdance #jamiroquai #coronavirus #itsgonnabeokay #joblessmusicians

Watch Jamiroquai sing his version of the song in the video